Hi! I’m Amanda, a recent Louisville transplant.


I grew up as part of a food-obsessed family in the suburbs of Detroit. Most of my childhood memories revolve around food- the smell of spaghetti filled with meatballs and sausage simmering on the stove, trying tripe for the first time when I still in single digits, and writing letters to my grandfather about my imaginary friend and what she ate on her travels.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, I decided I didn’t want to just imagine what it was like to travel and eat, so I moved to Rome to work as an au pair. Still my favorite place in the world, Italy taught me to appreciate sweet pastries for breakfast, seasonal produce, and pizza topped with thinly sliced potatoes and rosemary.

With my wanderlust not yet satiated, I moved to Seoul, South Korea where I taught English for two years while developing an addiction to grilled meat and kimchi. When my contract ended I traveled around Southeast Asia where I learned how to cook curry in Thailand, made dumplings by hand in Taiwan, and went searching for the best pho in Vietnam.

Following that I moved to London to pursue an MA in Digital Journalism while trying to prove to the world that English food really isn’t that bad. (Really, it’s not. Have you ever had a fry-up?)

When I finished my program I set out for one more epic trip across Europe (with a stop in Jordan) before settling in Louisville. I moved here because of family, but eventually fell in love with not only the wonderful food and dining scene, but the small town slash big city vibe.

In addition to seeking out the best eats in Louisville, I’m also studying to become a Certified Cicerone and working as a freelance writer and digital marketing specialist.

I love:

  • spicy food
  • bitter IPAs
  • kimchi
  • tacos
  • offal
  • perfectly runny egg yolks
  • dumplings
  • raw meat
  • aperol spritz

Have a question for me? Want me to write something for you? Email me!

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